About Us

We've been proudly serving our customers since October 2014, when we launched PlushForums, running it successfully ever since.

We've been passionate forum users since the mid-90s. Today, forums are still the place to find genuine expertise, community spirit and diversity of thought.

We also believe there's no better way to engage with your customers or share knowledge within your organisation.

Through our products we're committed to bringing you the best in design, user experience, service and value. Instaforum is our latest vision of what modern forum software can be. Give it a try, and find out what our hosted community service can do for you.

Our Company

Plush Content was founded in 2014 by Adrian Flitcroft and is based in London, England. We draw on extensive experience managing consumer internet products for leading international brands.

Instaforum and PlushForums are trading names of Plush Content Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales with the number 08876551.


Office 7
35-37 Ludgate Hill
United Kingdom

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