Getting Started

Step 1: Create an account

Start by creating the first account on your forum. Sign up using the email address you used during checkout.

Instaforum Demo Screenshot

Step 2: Brand your forum

Now let's make your forum truly yours.

Open your forum's control panel by selecting "Dashboard" from the main menu. Then select "Branding". Start by giving your forum a name, then hit "Save".

Follow the instructions to upload your logo and icon. Ideally, don't leave any padding around your images. You can also change the accent colors to match your brand.

Instaforum Demo Screenshot

Step 3: Create your categories

Every thread is assigned a category by the person who starts it. This way, threads are organised by subject, helping your users find what they're looking for.

The first category has been created for you, but you'll probably want to change its name. Hit the "Edit" icon, make your changes, then hit "Save".

To create a new category, hit "New Category" and repeat the process. Categories appear in alphabetical order.

Step 4: Choose how users access the forum

Select "Access" from the dashboard menu. Here you can make your forum public or private.

Anyone can browse and sign up to a public forum. Private forums are invite-only and not accessible by the public.

If your forum is private, add the emails of users you wish to invite on this page. Once invites have been created, you can manage them from the "Invites" section of the dashboard.

Step 5: Set up your domain

Finally, you'll want to put your forum on your own domain name. This can be a little tricky, but everyone who runs their own site has been through this process at some point.

Go to the "Domain" section and follow the instructions to connect your domain. In the process, you'll need to create a few DNS records. Use your domain registrar's control panel or ask your IT team for help.

If you use CloudFlare, don't enable the "orange cloud" option for these records.

Once the DNS records are validated, access the forum using your domain and log in again.

You're all set. Good luck with your new community!

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